Member Profile : Glen Head – PowerHouse Professional

Who are you and what are you doing?

Hi, I’m Glen.

I’m lucky enough to head-up a company that’s about to launch a really positive – and quite revolutionary – new service called ‘PowerHouse Professional’ for managers and professionals from all walks of life.

We’ve spent more than a year doing the research, establishing the right relationships [aaargh, where was Spacecubed when we REALLY needed it!?!], testing the market and making sure we could deliver an amazing service. Now we’re developing the systems and preparing to launch (mid-2012). Lots still to do, but enjoying every minute of it.

By way of personal background, I come to this latest venture with a varied background, having worked as a solo practitioner for many years (IT & Management Consulting), held senior public service roles (including Ministerial Advisor) and most recently co-founding a successful national boutique energy & carbon consultancy called HAC Consulting (sold 2011; now EMC – Energy Made Clean).

What do you want to get from this community?

I hope to get occasional advice and guidance (based on what people have done, rather than what they’ve read in books!) and I’m looking forward being inspired by the great work I know others will be doing.

What can you give to this community?

I hope that my experience as an entrepreneur will help others avoid some of the nastier pitfalls I have faced over the years, and that people will take advantage of my contacts and left-field creative ideas.

Why did you start your project / organisation?

Good people don’t always get what they need from their work, and organisations don’t always get what they need from their people. It’s more than just a shame; the consequences can be dire.

We set out to develop a single integrated service that might address both issues simultaneously, and the PowerHouse concept emerged.

Through it, we [intend to] help professionals and strategic thinkers maximise their enjoyment of work, while delivering employers unparalleled loyalty, impressive productivity and the capacity to innovate.

We’re helping people, and whole organisations, develop the capabilities needed to survive and thrive in our uncertain and challenging world.

What is your passion?

What am I passionate about? What floats my boat? Many things (not all of which can be mentioned in polite company!), but in professional terms, I’m passionate about bringing certain attitudes and approaches to everything I do:

Thinking outside the box. Being inspiring to others. Fighting through barriers. Standing up for the little-guy. Improving the state of the planet. Balancing constructive debate on the big issues, with practical actions on those things I can influence today.

At the end of the day, it’s all about at least trying to making a difference, rather than just going through the motions…

How do people contact you?

Contact me via

Where can we see your work in action?

Watch this space in coming weeks:
Join our Linked-In Group: (search for ‘PowerHouse Professionals’)


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